Strengthen your product presentation with Nexus PIM

You will love the core maintenance and that there is only one truth about each product.

When we want to buy something of significanc, we want to be in contact with someone who knows what they are talking about. We want a competent trading partner who we believe can advise us well. By having rich product presentations online, you send a clear signal that product knowledge is important to your business and that you are therefore seeking to have skills that you can share with your customers.

Product descriptions

You can write and easily save the language variants you want in Nexus. With multiple fields for both short and longer descriptions, you can avoid repeating yourself, and you can work with catch lines, bullet points and keywords when writing content.


The relationships between your products are one of the most important ones to highlight - what fits together? On the one hand, there is a potential for additional sales, but just as important, you help your customers make informed choices where opportunities are matched with needs. You choose the nature of the relationship, for example, a spare part, a necessary part, an alternative, etc., and you can optionally choose to attach a multilingual comment to each relationship you make.


Product specifications can be used to simplify the presentation of relatively similar products (eg sizes / colors / etc) as well as to describe properties. The properties can be used alone as a thorough specification of the product, as well as to compare properties with other products to find the best match. You set up and define the parameters yourself, and the Nexus specification system is very flexible.


The built-in Nexus scaling engine ensures that all sizes are used in lists, tiles, in the basket, on product cards, etc. This means that you simply load the biggest and best image you have, and then Nexus does the optimization. You can work with one primary image per product as well as with an optional number of secondary images.

Not only your customers will benefit from enriching each product in the catalog with full descriptions, images, specifications, product relationships and documents. By having your product knowledge maintained in an IT system like Nexus, you enable more of your employees to help customers, and you become less dependent on key employees who are hard to miss during holidays, illness, etc.

Dimensions, weight and tariffs

For the purposes of freight calculation, the physical dimensions of a product are beneficial to have recorded, as well as three types of weights: gross weight, net weight and volumetric weight. In Nexus, you can easily store this information on each product, and you can also easily batch-load the information on multiple product sharing properties. GTIN number, Customs Tariff Code and Country of Origin are other features that can ease your everyday life.