Streamline your order management with tailor made processes

Nexus gives you comprehensive functionality to streamline your order management that you can easily set up and optimize on an ongoing basis.

Do we want to - and can we?

These two simple questions guide the initial order processing. Nexus gives you a quick overview of, for example, the customer's credit status, order and payment history as well as your ability to deliver. The more advanced storage management you use in Nexus, the more assistance you get in managing your delivery capabilities.

Build your own order processes

With the extensive ability to configure order lists in Nexus, you can build exactly the order processes you need. The principle is that every order has a course and jumps from list to list as the order is processed. It gives you an overview and the ability to delegate each list to the proper function of the company.

The configuration of an order list itself can be seen as a comprehensive filter, showing only the orders that fit the overall requirements of the filters. The filters can work with order status (there are 18 different order states in Nexus), tags as well as times such as desired delivery time, scheduled delivery time, etc. The combination options are endless.

Order tags are markers on the order itself. Tags are set and removed with function buttons, and can be set with their own conditions, both for order status and what other tags are - or are not - on the order. That way, you can build processing steps with associated buttons that become available throughout the order process. Different order lists can address different functions of the business: A simple finding of a past due in order receipt is passed on to a deeper credit check in your bookkeeping. The pick and pack list is the continuous focus of the warehouse and the shipment can work with the orders where the picking has been completed. Access to the individual order lists is managed by the advanced rights system.

By configuring Nexus to work the way you want to work, Nexus adapts to your business - and not the other way around.