Make it easy to become a customer of yours

How do you attract customers nowadays? Do modern paid marketing work like Adwords and Facebook campaigns? Or influencers and ads on Youtube? Maybe so. But none of it works without you being completely sharp online.

We are all searching more on the web than ever before. We do this because we have some extremely good tools for finding even the needles in the haystack. Of course, here we think of Google. Although Google's search algorithms are not known to the public, it is no secret that you do well at Google if you have original (as in non-copied) content that is churned out with, for example, rich descriptions and interrelationships.

Raymeon Nexus is designed to perform well organically By working with different classifications of information you can control repetitive texts. You have full control over titles, button texts, call-to-action texts, appetizers, list descriptions and lots of other content. This section aims to keep both your visitors and the search engines interested in your content.

Your online presentation is crucial

It is extremely important that you invest time in building your online presentation of the company and your product catalog. In Nexus, you can create and write documents, such as blogs and guides, that allow you to cross-link between products and your articles. When you also link the product catalog with information-rich relationships between the products, you give your customers very good conditions to gain knowledge of what you can offer.

Organic vs. paid marketing

The term “organic marketing” means that you do not pay for marketing, for example, that you pay for better search results than your content actually gives rise to. Such an artificial intervention, for example, is Google's Adwords - in a fight against other advertisers, you bid on certain keywords or phrases - and the one with the highest bid comes at the top, which places an ad above the organic search results.

You can choose to view your marketing (both organic and paid) as bait. Your first impression and your overall online presentation is then the fishing hook. And your ability to respond to the potential customer's interest in your business is the fishing rod. It does not go right without all three parts, and your efforts will be far more effective if you consider each part as an important component of your overall commitment.

Make it easy to become a customer of yours

No matter how you create interest in your business and your products, you are only on target when you receive an order. With Nexus as well as Orbit you can recruit new customers around the clock with the webshop. On the basis of templates, you can precisely control how, and under what conditions, you want new customers to be able to trade. And if an already created customer places a new order without being logged in, Nexus can even match the two and associate the order to the right account in Nexus before being processed.