Present your product catalog online and create growth

The product catalog in Nexus aims at providing you with the opportunity to establish just one truth about your products - be it prices, accessibility, relations to other products, specifications and life cycle. Many of such options are normally found in the so-called PIM-systems (Product Information Management). Where a PIM-system most often stands alone, and must be integrated with other stand-alone systems for e-commerce and accounting (to name a few), Nexus combines an advanced product catalog made for your customers with the built-in PIM-functionality you need and ties it together with e-commerce and sales management in one complete solution.

No more complicated systems integrations.

Build a strong structure in your product catalog

With Nexus you will get the tools to build a strong presentation of your products. You will be working with a core structure wich you enrich with more parameters such as categories, specifications and relations between your products.

The relations between your products are what creates meaning in your port folio

Especially the bonds between your products is something most customers value, because it helps to eliminate doubt. Remember, that doubt is the single greatest adversity you have to address in order to get a new order in a self-service environment. Where it is typically you and your colleagues that passes such knowledge Nexus lets you share your knowledge and know-how with your customers around the clock. You can very precisely state the kind of relation and thereby enrich your catalog even further.

Register all the product details

By using the built-in PIM-functionality in Nexus you can register and share all details and specifications about your products. Specifications can be used as further parameters to simplify product presentation of similar products, and make the choice of a specific variant quick and simple, or serve as enriching the data about a single product with many details.

Show prices - or don’t

It is completely your choice if you wish to show prrices (and if so, which prices) in your online product catalog. In some cases you could show the Suggested Retail Price to a visitor not logged in, and a specific trade price to each registered customer that does log in. In Nexus you can work with 12 different prices levels to assign to customers as well as an unlimited number of special prices - that is, a unique price for a given product for a given customer, Of course Nexus supports multi-currency and you choose which currency you wish to use in each country you operate, or which currency to use per customer.