Reporting & insight

Insight into your business is crucial. What sells? What has stalled? Who owes money over due date? Which customers are those that are really attractive? Which of your account managers makes the most profit for the company? What products could you do without? All this and much more, you get an answer to with Nexus.

Financial reporting

Nexus financial reports provide you with continuous insight and overview of the company's position. The reports are also used as accounting bases.

Product-oriented reporting

By focusing on your products you can gain insight into both your past and your future. Sales reports are based on what you have already realized and you gain deep insight into how your product range performs.

Customer-oriented reporting

Where debtor reports are obvious to follow on a daily basis, you also have the opportunity to track earnings down to each entry on the invoice. Using sales reports, you can track both your salespeople's ability to hire and nurture customers who are good for your business.

Forecasting - sales

By analyzing the past one can say something about the future - including which customers are the next to place an order, and thus also which customers should have placed an order already. This insight is crucial to driving quality follow-up and ensuring that customers do not slip away to a competitor.

Forecasting - product needs

Using forecasting, Nexus can assist you in your purchasing decisions, so that you can respond to customer inquiries through your purchases and inventory, as well as not locking an inordinate amount of your capital into the wrong warehouse items.