Billing & Debtor Management

Nexus gives you a good overview of your debtors and helps you get the payments in house. It is important for your liquidity and to avoid losses.

When you issue an invoice, you basically exchange a value of the inventory with a financial claim against a customer. Nexus gives you ample opportunity to choose how much risk you want to take, primarily guided by your choice of payment terms, payment method and the maximum credit limit on the customer.

The invoice is issued on the basis of the order, and it is possible to invoice a fewer number of goods than ordered. The order keeps track of backorder lines, and more than one invoice can be associated with each order.

In Nexus, you can set up multiple debtor lists that can filter by account manager as well as reminder stage. If you have many debtors you get a better overview with filtered debtor lists, and you can of course also have a debtor list that contains everything.

If you demand a prepayment from your customer, you can choose to have the order work as a payment request - for example by online payment by credit card, which the customer himself completes as part of the order placing. Nexus allows more than one online payment per order, which is beneficial if additions to the order occur. Thus, you do not need to cancel the original authorization from the customer, but can simply create a payment addition. The order's payments end up being the invoice payment, at the time the invoice is issued.

Let Nexus send out your reminders

At each customer you can choose from three different reminder profiles. Each profile follows a specific pattern of sending out balance due reminders. Each profile has 3-4 different reminder texts, depending on which reminder to send. Every time you register payments in Nexus, you are ready to send reminders. Nexus itself ensures that only those customers who are relevant at the time appear in the outbox list. You can manually opt out of sending the reminder to a specific customer.

Properly formulated reminders have a beneficial effect on payments and, above all, you have behaved correctly in case you later have to use more serious means such as debt collection.