Keep track of customers and tasks

Nexus brings together your day-to-day operating needs in one IT platform. Nexus is equipped with a flexible task management system that is easy to access and does not require any setup to get started.

The system is built around just one element - a case - that you set up according to your needs. Your first choice is to list the case type, such as a “o-do, a note, a return call, an RMA and some more.

Every case in Nexus has users registered as "Creator", "Responsible" and "Worker” for the case. By means of date registrations for "creation", "not before", “due” and "completed" the case itself will call for the necessary attention. It is possible to associate one or more customers with a case, as well as a product.

On the case are associated events that are recorded for time and the type of event. The visibility of the event can be controlled so that some or all of the company internally can see the case, and it can be chosen whether the customer can see the case event, too.

By registering cases and events, you can use Nexus instead of yellow notes, and you can even delegate tasks to and between employees. Best of all, there is a history that is beneficial when the customer needs to be serviced again at a later date, as it is simply to seek a closed case.

The flexibility of the case system is very high and only the imagination limits the application.