Where is "here"?

When writing texts that will turn into hyperlinks, it is always a bad idea to use the word "here" as part of the link text.

It's tempting, but every time you notice that you are writing "here" as part of a link text, remove the word "here" from the sentence and correct the sentence so that it makes sense, and is grammatically correct, without the word "here".

The intent of hyperlinking is that the words you click must be of meaning to where the link sends you.

There are a variety of reasons to use telling phrases, some of the important reasons being search engine optimization (SEO) and the fact that a longer text is easier for the user to hit with the mouse or a finger.

If you have a page or product in Nexus where you include some of the written content into the link text then that page or product will be better for searches on the words you used in the link, since those are probably some of the words people choose to search for.

Internally on your site, it is good to think that way - even though it may not count as much as if it were a major accepted media out in the world linking to your site.

But surely, there are not many people searchingfor the word "here" to find your business or products.