Care for your customers with user friendliness and rich information

We get annoyed if we feel that we are being served up products from the accounting system that are posted on the web with little else than a price, an item number and - maybe - picture. Many more details are needed - and when we trade professionally, we also expect insights into our account, back orders, our agreed prices and, on the whole, that it is m much easier to sign in than to make a call.

The product catalog is one of the key features of Nexus.It is crucial that there is only one definitive truth about product information and how the products fit together.

Raymeon Nexus excels i.a. in the following areas:

  • Detailed product information
  • Automatically scales all required image sizes based on the best resolution image
  • Time management for publication, news and depublication
  • Multi-language description with fields for lists, catch-lines, keywords, meta description etc.
  • Price levels with the option of automatic price recalculation
  • Possibility of special price per customer per product
  • Favorite product function
  • Customs Code
  • GTIN number
  • Dimensions, actual weight (net / gross) and volumetric weight
  • Selection of pricing policy product
  • Selection of stock model per product
  • Comprehensive rights management for eg. market segmentation
  • A sea of special settings for managing offers, residual sales, accepting back orders etc
  • Advanced relationships between the products (for example: recommended, alternative, spare part, upgrade part, etc.)

With these many options, you can register everything you know about your Nexus products. It benefits your customers, and a greater proportion of your staff can advise your customers.