Business or customer needs first?

Why is only one in ten Danish companies equipped to meet the changing market of the future?

Who is the focus?

If you focus primarily on your organization's own needs to optimize processes and collect data through digitalization, there is a high risk that the change process will become too inward, and does not match the change that your customers expect and want.

Most managers have some preconceptions of what their customers and markets want and expect. It is only natural that this is so, but it is precisely this preconception that one must be careful about. For what if it is not correct?

"What gets us into trouble isn't what we don't know. It's what we know for sure, that just ain't so?"

It is crucial to understand the needs of the market and the customers on a more factual basis than assumptions. Only that way is it possible to steer the digitalisation in the direction of new opportunities, which also directly benefits the business environment.

Digitization should therefore be at least as much about how you can develop your offerings to your customers as how you optimize internally.

There are probably other factors at play as well. Read the EU report and get deeper insights.