About Raymeon business management solutions

Raymeon provides digital solutions to manage the day-to-day operations of your business. The systems are created with a focus on effective everyday life and on creating the right conditions for growth and progress, whether your market is in B2B, B2C or both.

With a modern concept, Raymeon's technological platform pursuit is often labelled Unified Commerce. The concept describes the idea of having an integrated IT platform for all the operational needs of the company with functions for:

  • Central retention and management of product information
  • Support for marketing and sales efforts, regardless of market and channel (B2B, B2C, e-commerce, retail)
  • Process control and automation
  • Purchasing, warehousing and logistics
  • Business insight and intelligence
  • Accounting *

Without a unified commerce platform (which is traditionally a hundreds-of-thousands-of-euros affair to establish for even a limited solution), the above will consist of a myriad of subsystems that are standing alone, not integrated, due to the enormous complexity and cost of integrating many systems, and consequently the business is left with heavy manual processes.

Raymeon solves this challenge with Nexus as the core of a cloud solution that gives you one IT system, free of complicated and fragile synchronizations, at a fraction of the cost such a solution usually costs.

With Nexus, you bring together all the activities related to your day-to-day operations and maintain only one truth about your products, your customers, sales, inventory, and company procedures. If you run targeted retail sales on a larger scale, you expand with Orbit and Glow.

Raymeon's products are cloud-based, which means that the system is accessible wherever you or your employees are. The built-in user rights system provides only the necessary access to the various groups of employees.

Raymeon's solutions are especially suitable for companies that sell physical products and support all the activities that are important for your business progress.

The solutions are based on the needs of real companies. The challenges you face have helped us solve other businesses, whether it's attracting new customers, managing growth, managing products, inventory and employees, or trying to manage liquidity and risks.

The solutions have been put in place and methods and workflows have been developed. It is in our DNA to understand problems, needs and wants, and to contribute the solution or knowledge that best brings you forward.