Orders and invoicing - is your current accounting software made for growth? Or book keeping?

Use your current accounting software for what it is designed for: to provide you with financial reports, payrolls, taxes, fixed spendings etc. Then concentrate all your sales activities in an IT-platform that is made for sales and growth.

It is most often the cumbersome system integrations, consulting costs and recurring need for exchange of data that is obstructing the digital progress. The total installation quickly becomes too complex, too fragile and far too expensive.

With Nexus you can run all your sales activities. You will convert your customer's interest in your products to orders, and you will make your invoice in Nexus, too. The invoice is thereby directly accessible to your customer and you are gaining an overview of all your sales related procesesses directly in Nexus. Completly free of fragile syncronizations and free of expensive system consultants.